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Name: Max Werk

Age: 23

Member since: 2018

Contact: As President I am in charge of Board Management, External Relations and Expansion (BEE). This means the management of the association, the contact with our partners and the advisory board, and the strategic direction. I can be contacted at president (at)

Vice President



Name: Andra Schlingemann

Contact: treasurerelsa-bonnde

As the president for finances I have the task to keep an overview of the receipts and expenditures of the club. Moreover I manage the database of members.



Name: Sophia Schubach

Age: 19

Member since: 2019

Contact: vpaaelsa-bonnde







Name: Sherzod Rakhmatov

Contact: As the director for the Student Trainee Exchange Programme (STEP) I am in charge of the traineeships in Bonn. Hereby I support the local students as well as the international ones, in order to make them feel integrated.

Moreover I take care of the administrative tasks and cultivate the liaison to the in situ internship donors.

For more information and to answer your questions please contact me by email:





Name: Meaghan Ulbrich

Age: 21

Member since: 2019

Contact: vpmarketingelsa-bonnde


Name: Friedrich Hautkapp

Age: 19

Member since: 2020


Human Resources

Name: Felicitas von Thaden

Age: 20

Member since: Wintersemester 2018/ 19

Contact: directorhrelsa-bonnde